I was born in India, the land of mysteries & cultural diversities and I was so lucky that my day job took me around the world. This experience provided wisdom & cultural knowledge and a way of living that gives me the power to visualise and capture the world I see every day. I choose to create my photographs with heart and soul, utilising mind, intellect and perspective in every single image I produce.

My love for photography started very young when my grandfather showed me how to shoot through his roll film camera. In a sense, one can say I’m self taught. My wealth of knowledge didn’t come from photography schools but mostly through self-learning and I daily brush up on my skills using internet articles & videos in post production work. Apart from participating in several well organised exhibitions throughout the world, I have also entered in competitions to benchmark my work among the best, which drives me to excel and raise the bar above and beyond.

The world is what you imagine it to be!